Wiki Training

In this modern age, it is very easy to assume we have deep knowledge of tools and technologies we have encountered or use frequently. However, this should not be the case seeing advancement is at a fast pace this century.


Wikiflip and Wikimaster were learned as ways of getting familiarized with Wikipedia.

Before now, Wikipedia used to be an encyclopedia to obtain information about several topics. Then transitioning into WikiFlip and Wikimaster, giving room for contributions from Billions of individuals globally, thereby increasing their knowledge capacity.

On the 26th of January, 2019, Alimi Eyitayo(Founder, African women in technology and business) organized training in Lagos for women on the wiki and its tools.

An online session preceded the physical training to help the women get a little familiar with the wiki apps.

With a total of 65 women in attendance, the training which lasted for 6 hours entailed registration as a member of WOK(the world of knowledge), steps to be taken in contributing to different areas of knowledge ranging from health to sports to several courses of study etc and how to take quizzes appropriately.

There were also networking and quiz sessions which gave room for interaction amongst attendees.

Certificates were distributed among participants at the end of the event.

Special thanks to the Founder and team of and nectar hub io whose hard work made the event possible.

Wiki Training
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