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Entrepreneurship and The 21st Century Woman

Entrepreneurship is fast becoming the 21st-century art as it’s skills are greatly required in every sector/industry. However, there have been entrepreneurs, there are entrepreneurs, and there will be entrepreneurs. The bridge between these categories being advancement, new technologies/ innovations.

It can be seen that majority of the masses embrace the concept of entrepreneurship and have reacted to it in their own ways; ranging from starting their own businesses, including entrepreneurship courses in syllabuses across schools/institutions, creating platforms to share their expert knowledge, resources and time to building individuals.

In Africa, The TEF (Tony Elumelu Foundation) which was founded in 2010 is said to be the leading philanthropic institution pioneering entrepreneurship empowering thousands of entrepreneurs yearly.



Speaking of platforms, African Women in Technology and Business provides global support, resources and opportunities for women in the tech and business space. On the 9th of February, 2019, a virtual training session was held where women were told how to write grants and also apply for the TEF funding for their ideas/ start-ups.

The Founder, Awitb, Alimi Eyitayo educated the participants stating that one has to inspect the technical review questions I.e the basic requirements of the investor/donor, making sure their goals and vision match with those of the investor, looking out for details, grammatical errors, innovative touch in the content of the proposal, research on past beneficiaries and their projects.

She also said “TEF is willing to empower young entrepreneurs who want to solve real-world problems in line with the sustainable development goals (SDGs). The key qualities your proposal should possess are innovation, impact-driven, scalability and uniqueness. They fund both registered and unregistered businesses”.

All questions were duly attended to by the organizer.

Another set of women empowered!

TEEP Training.
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